Matt's Corner

Girls Weekend

Girl’s getaways in the Golden State are SO fun! Why? B/c….

v You just can’t beat a southern California morning walk with mom… (Winter here = sunny and 70°) add Matt’s chocolate chip/strawberry, multi-grain pancakes to the AM mix and…. J (GIANT HAPPY FACE)

v South Coast…’nough said!

v It necessitates a stop @ the local N in Out…

v Let’s face it; girls are much more FUN to shop with!

v Matt always looks SO sexy @ the grill (thanks babe, it was delicious)!

v SUNDAY’S TOGETHER! (under great teaching from God’s Word)

v CPK… we recommend ALL their specialty teas & the ever delicious “White Pizza”

v FREE $ (yea buddy!)

v More shopping (Apparently, pink babydoll dresses are RARE….)

v Let’s just stop in Ross real quick…” (“fatsuit” victory…j/k)

v Best way to end a 2nd full day of shopping = pedicures with coffee in hand!

v 1 cereal, 2 cereal, 3 cereal… COUCH!

v Movie nights comprised of Chick flicks, where NOTHING gets blown up…

v It’s cheaper than therapy

What an incredible blessing it is to be with mom & sis! I am SO thankful to the Author of all blessings I enjoy!

“…my companion and familiar friend. We who had sweet fellowship together…” Psalm 55:13


The Haden's said...

Hey girl ! This is our new blog...LOVE LOVE LOVE the floors !

Lisa said...

Wow Danielle, I love your new floor. your house is awesome. I've enjoyed seeing the pics of all the projects. I enjoyed your blog about girls weekend. Your mom looks like she was enjoying herself as well.