Matt's Corner


What I remember about Christmas 2008:

1. get the family together at your own risk!!! 2. calling mom to tell her I was getting to come EARLY! 3. the Lord provision (by means of a rainy California) in allowing me to travel with my sexy husband AND arrive two days earlier in K.C. 4. mom’s cooking never tasted so good… YUM!!!! 5. and then there was, you guessed it… MORE food… 6. oh and DESSERT too (cherry pie anyone?) 7. scrabble tournaments 8. wrapping Christmas presents in Wedding gift bags LOL 9. driving through a blizzard 10. Matt and mom’s Chinese fire drill in the blizzard 11. airsoft wars and wounds 12. dad finally got the most presents 13. arctic mornings spent walking with mom followed by Quicktrip runs… just like the good old days 14. Matt leading us through the Christmas devotional 15. the sound of Megan’s phone beeping every two seconds 16. hanging out with old friends 17. a HUGE nighttime thunderstorm, good for cuddling 18. my winter coat expeditions 19. three boys playing video games in their matching boxers… ooh la la… 20. dad getting an extremely contagious, nasty, flu-like, but worse, virus 21. finding out AGAIN that I am the best Clue player ever… 22. Mandy is still crazy!?! 23. Gates BBQ is a definite must! 24. getting lost in “the nice part of town” looking for a Macy’s that carried Matt’s bomber jacket 25. movie nights galore, but next year I want happy movies ok? 26. sweeping out dad’s new building while dreaming about roller-skating through it 27. taking gma to see Valkyrie 28. jewelry box indecision 29. trying unsuccessfully to find snow-boots 30. a sinful amount of presents 31. interesting late night conversations with Derek 32. an unpleasant email from our renters 33. fight night at side pockets 34. mom’s new… furniture, office, flooring, tub… all beautiful updates! 35. min-golf? power and light district? ice skating? theater1? theater2? ok we’ll just go home… 36. M16’s don’t ship well 37. trying to repack everything and needing a THIRD suitcase 38. Orbitz forgetting that we not only needed to get from DEN to ONT but from KCI to DEN!! 39. mom still makes it all happen… even getting us home on flights that don’t exist 40. rushing through a happy birthday lunch with Derek at Chili’s… poor waiter 41. Matt getting sick on the last day 42. DELORES is recalculating… HAHA! 43. matt needs his sleep space 44. Biscuits and gravy done right 45. gma’s helping hands and final touches 46. dad’s heartfelt prayers reflecting his intense love for the Lord 47. mom’s joy in loving her family being together 48. Matt’s perfect fit into this family 49. Derek just doesn’t get up before noon 50. Meg bravely following the Lord 51. Brett’s heart is his biggest muscle! 52. Last year was “PUT IT ON,” this year turned out to be “GAME ON!” 53. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY FAMILY

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