Matt's Corner

Daily Tide 5.5 = Pretty May Flowers

Beautiful aren’t they! I snagged these from the side of the road at the end of my run this afternoon J

Why more people aren’t out there scooping up these purdy freebies, I wasn’t quite sure… till an hour later… they were totally dead, those stunning orange petals all shriveled up inside themselves L Guess I will simply be enjoying them from the side of the road for the rest of the season J


The Romans said...

Not to mention it is illegal to pick California poppies! hahaha Love them too.

Hannah Sivilay said...

Hahah! I was going to say what Carri Said too! People aren't picking them because its again the law Danielle!

Danielle Mueller said...

oh my gosh!!! LOL.... I had NO idea!!! too funny :)
PS. No telling Bo :)

Jenny said...

So funny. I thought, 'aren't those poppies'? And so they are. You aren't a native here so we'll let it Pass:)