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It was just two days ago that Pastor Mike reminded us to make prayer a priority, especially when life hurts…
"For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His." -2 Chronicles 16:9
Those who rely, cry out and lean on God will be STRONGLY supported.

This morning, before the sun was even up, mom called to tell me, through tears, that her dad, my Grandpa, was in ICU… his prognosis was not good. 
Today she was my living example of clinging to God in the midst of pain.  I listened as she recounted her last 12 hours…
She got the call while working the concession stand at my youngest brother’s basketball game… by the time she and dad left, it was too late to make the six hour drive back to her hometown.  They got up early the next morning to leave, my dad woke up extremely sick—she had to go alone. 

But, from her perspective, in her words, “I wasn’t alone.  HE was there with every passing mile.  I was able to cry out to Him without reservation… ”

And I listened as she recounted a few of her favorite childhood memories of her dad:
—playing the guitar with her friends gathered round, the same song “just one more time…”
—her reflection of Grandpa’s priorities; he chose a simple life, his simplicity allowed him much opportunity to love people, opportunities Grandpa snatched right up.  He exceeded at loving others; I mean really loving others.  Everyone was his friend.  He was never too busy for anyone.  You could make his day by simply enjoying a cool drink with him.
–he loved to laugh.  He delighted in making others laugh... and he was good at it :)
–he was kind
I listened to her gratefulness for this man who was her dad, who raised her and her four siblings though he wasn’t their father by blood.

This was grandpa’s twelfth time in the hospital over the last year.  The family had discussed his final wishes… he just wanted “all his kids to be there.” 
Mom was on her way.  She was 45 minutes away when her sister called and told her to hurry.  I listened as she counseled herself through the “what-ifs.” 
When we hung up I followed her example.  I begged the only One who could do anything “to just let her get there in time.” 
Today, I am thankful for answered prayer. 
God would have received glory if she had not made it there in time… I knew that, she knew that.
God would still be good if she had not been able to hold his hand one last time… I knew that, she knew that.
But today, I am thankful for answered prayer.


debbie rothaus said...

A beautiful snipet of sacred moments. Thank you for taking time to be with me, you are precious.
much love,

debbie rothaus said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your story an your blog. You are so amazingly talented. Is there any way you might take the picture of dad hooked up to the machines off though? It's just not the way he would want to be remembered. Love you.