Matt's Corner

Sister's Wedding Pt. 1 :)

MON-FRI (a few favorite memories)

  • Picking up mom from the airport (who is TOM?)
  • Meg’s specialty breakfast sandwiches
  • Shopping; we tried on over 30 outfits but all we managed was 3 pairs of shoes…
  • Joey saving us from more cupcake tower dilemma J
  • Crazy cat lady
  • Megan’s dress = PERFECT!!!! Mom and I had seen hundreds of dresses on her (and they all looked great) but this was THE ONE… beautiful, elegant… everything she wanted combined into one dress! Luved it!
  • Comforting the bride who was just informed that the boutique had ordered her the wrong wedding gown (her wedding was three weeks away in the Dominican RepublicL).
  • Hair… because you’re our favorite stylist Meg.
  • How to walk a Great Dane = secure the lead around your waist, lean back and let the dog pull you.
  • Delphi’s meltdown… she not only peed on Meg’s white bedspread, but also the borrowed mattress. After all was thoroughly cleaned, she repeated the process with poo….
  • Venue = romantic, whimsical, lovely, charming, picturesque J J
  • Oregano’s with Jeff… oh how I love you Pablo Picasso Salad
  • Bedazzle!!!
  • MORE shopping + those million trips to Wal-Mart (“Megan are you nervous for your ***** tomorrow?”)
  • NEED coffee…. Now I will sing you a song: “Old McDonald had a farm…”
  • World Market detour = BAM!!! Where did that step come from?
  • Getting our purple and orange on
  • Walks with mom
  • AZ house; what would our life be without that property? Plus side = Kerry
  • SECRET MISSION = Trader Joe’s & Ross + Envelopes!
  • Charleston’s trip #2 J (+ $400L)
  • Final dress fitting… that couch sure looks nice…
  • MATT in AZ J
  • Dyed socks that had to be re-dyed
  • Allergies/ midnight cat-attack
  • There are NO gas-station carwashes in AZ (???)
  • Matt’s off to do work
  • Mom vacuumed the sofa for 45 minutes; she still couldn’t get all the dog hair out
  • Have you ever heard of dusting your blinds?
  • Let me just get my apron… domestic goddess right here...
  • What do you mean the flowers got here yesterday?
  • A family Oregano’s affair


A big thank you to my brother Derek, who helped Matt finish installing granite countertops and top-mount sinks in our AZ rental house. Although word does have it, Matt had to make several trips to Home Depot and would leave Derek to complete a few small tasks at hand… When Matt would return he would find Derek sitting right where he left him, talking with Ashley…. They probably could’ve finished sooner if Derek hadn’t been so “distracted….”J

After nails with the girls, I really needed some pool units. Just me and a book = BLISS! I see Mom and Vickie approaching… evidently not only did the flowers arrive four days early, but they were also bright PURPLE!!!! After triple checking the receipts, we know mom did, in fact, order the right, soft PINK flowers… She left a million messages, but they are closed for Memorial Day weekend; my sister even tried calling as the distraught bride, NO RESPONSE! Time for a new plan…. with Vickie and Kelly leading the charge, it’s time to start cutting any and all the light pink flowers you can find. If you drove through the Eastern metropolitan area of PHX and noticed pink shrubs missing their pretty flowers, you now know who is responsible. (Please contact me later for their information and I will gladly submit to you their full name, address, and telephone number for a small fee. J)

Saturday night also means its time to put our party shoes on and pony up for Megan’s bachelorette party! With her BFF’s gathered round,’ it was time to tip our hat’s, for the last time, to Ms. Megan Rothaus. We had a BLAST celebrating the fact that our best cowgirl had been lassoed!!! Since she has BFF’s across the country, we corralled to tell our favorite tale regarding the bride-to-be. We laughed so hard, our make-up almost came completely off in the first hour! You are loved girlfriend! After a pin the lips on mustache man, it was time to strap on those cowgirl boots and crank the “Hoedown Throwdown” to maximum volume. Learning that dance was the best; there was NFL cheerleader Haylee and then… Danielle Z…. (Ok, we will do it one more time slow for you. What do you mean you still don’t get it????) Again we found ourselves herded on the floor in laughter!!! Up next, the opening of those “necessary” gifts, with a few added twists and many more giggles…. No time to catch your breath, onward hoe, to Cadillac Ranch! We all took our turn on that darn impossible mechanical bull…. Then we started our own dance party just so we could show off our new Hannah Montana moves (The DJ had to download the song just for us LOL, and yea, they definitely loved us). We hung our hats up on that note! Luv you Megs, so glad you are riding West with your cowboy in 2 days!


Rothaus Family said...

I love being with my girls. They are so much fun!! Derek after helping Matt decided to put a top mount sink in his flip house. It turned out beautiful. He must have been paying some attention to the task and hand-lol.

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