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Sister's Wedding Pt. 2 :)


You know what Sunday means… church TOGETHER (such an incredible blessing) and some TC Eggington’s (Delicious)!!! What an incredible treat!

When Matt and I stopped by the rental for the concluding touch-ups, we found Danielle and Ash STILL practicing their “throwdown” (now that’s commitment) LOL!

Megan & company are back @ the hotel with their next “wedding fiasco” detail: the tuxes are all wrong; one guy ordered a 36 waist, he received at 46; another’s pants were “high-waters”… and the list continued on. The rental place informs us that “there’s nothing they can do,” because they “don’t alter rentals…” suspenders!

Rehearsal time! We arrive at the wedding venue, decked out in our purple and orange football gear. As we pull up we notice there are several other cars we don’t recognize in the parking lot… hhhmmm. Continuing on, we go venture back to where we were supposed to be and our next “wedding challenge” materializes. Apparently the venue “forgot” to write on their calendar that they previously booked a wedding (as a favor for their gardener) for the same time slot as our rehearsal… but before we can figure out what is going on, the bride, in her beautiful white dress approaches us and asks “Is there anyway you guys could rehearse another day?” My sis bursts into tears… it’s this bride’s special day and she will not be the one to ruin it. Better think fast…. “What about tomorrow (wedding day) at 7AM? With that determined, we all stroll next door to walk through our “preliminary” rehearsal…. J

Rehearsal dinner = yummy burgers and brauts, with Scott and Kristy @ the grill…. Mmmm, SO GOOD! Dad’s whistle signals both “team orange” and “team purple” to take the field for a little “friendly” flag football competition. (Note: football was the BRIDE’s idea!!!) Team orange, scores an impressive two goals in the first five minutes (Yea!!!). As we near the end of the first quarter, it’s purple ball and Matt goes up high to catch a big pass… whereupon, in a decisive defensive play, he is pushed backwards mid-air by an orange jersey. In an attempt to avoid crash landing on the unfortunate teammate beneath him he endeavored to execute what appeared to be a contorted back-flip. Sadly, there wasn’t much he could do; he and MEGAN collided and simultaneously smashed to the ground. She was carried off the field and given a plethora of ice, in a vain attempt to keep her knee from swelling up even more. “It’s just a game Mueller!!!!” With the purple team minus one player, Derek leapt high for that much needed purple TD; too bad he had to let go of the ball as he half landed on, half caught bridesmaid Jessie B…good thing us girls are tough! TEAM ORANGE pulled out a 3-1 victory!!! (I think it was Jeff’s toe-touch that truly inspired our WIN!) Go team orange!!!!

Back at the hotel, I thought I would definitely catch a bit of extra shut eye before the BIG day tomorrow… Negative-> Pow-wow (x3).


Whose idea was a 7AM rehearsal anyway???

Back at the hotel we are greeted with dead pink flowers (you have to be kidding?!?). Vickie, Kelly and mom had worked tirelessly the previous afternoon not only finding but arranging nine spectacular pink bridal party bouquets. However inopportune, it is clear that the flowers will be dead before the wedding starts (SIGH!). Back out on the pink flower hunt/bouquet redo mission, the troopers go…I quit flowers and go in search of gma.

Gma had come to Arizona “kind of” sick; the previous night she was up all night because she was now VERY sick. She was distraught because she was leaving for the hospital and had traveled all the way from OKC to see her granddaughter get married. I dial Megan (who was, at the last minute, looking for a photo-shoot location) and the decision is easy; we will be bringing the wedding party to gma!

Now it’s time to get ready! Bethany and Kacey, you ladies are amazing; thanks for the pretty makeup and the beachy curls!

Then before you know it, it’s that time… time to PUT ON THAT DRESS! Megan looked absolutely stunning! (No joke, after the photographer had snapped a few shots of my gorgeous sister, she offered her a FREE post-wedding photo shoot… she’s that pretty!) All the beautiful ladies circle up for prayer; we are so thankful to the Lord who provides every good thing.

On the way to our vogue photo-shoot we blast “Girls just want to have fun…” from our shiny black limo. J And it’s hard to imagine, but for the next thirty minutes we are waiting on the BOYS to arrive!

In front of a mountain and cactus backdrop Jeffery get his first look at his beautiful bride… (This is where you say “Awe”)!!!!

After more pictures we are officially on our way. We do make one surprise stop and grandma gets to see Megan as the strikingly beautiful bride she is! We love you gma!

Of course, minutes prior to the wedding ceremony, we must incur another wedding hiccup. The CD Megan is supposed to walk down the aisle to, is not working…. The wedding coordinator improvises and makes it happen. The setting was picturesque, Megan looked SO beautiful, flowers were a complete success and the ceremony was AMAZING (go Luke!).

I must say that Boston (Megan’s Great Dane that she INSISTED she MUST have in their wedding) did a fabulous job and was not the hullabaloo we thought he would be… (On the other hand that cute little ring-bearer and flower girl...J L!)

And now for the first time MR. & MRS. JEFF LELAND! I still can’t believe it, my little sister is married!!!!!

The rest of the evening went by in a blur; amazing Charleston’s food, giant cockroach (Ah!), the toasts (H= help each other be who God created you to be; A= adversity, bulldog through; I= no room for “I”/unselfish; R= remember the vows you made before God today), hoedown throwdown “for real”, bouquet toss (fight), garter toss, “quack, quack,” lots of dancing, cake-cutting, cupcake wars, ICING EVERYWHERE, goodbye tunnel, security called, a late-night trip to Meg’s, boarding pass mistake, calling airlines at 1:30am…


Finally an UNEVENTFUL day! A relaxing day with family, poolside! What is it about water that is SO refreshing? “Yoo-hoos” vs. “Team Awesomeness”…


The older I get the harder it is to say goodbye to my family. I love being around them; I love learning from my parents, giving my brothers a hard time and being inspired by my sister. FYI: I’m not going to stop attempting to convince them that California is BY FAR the most fabulous state to live in….This is me sending you lot’s of hugs across the miles! Luv you guys! XOXO

Brett and I will be by the ocean if you need us in the next 16 days…

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Rothaus Family said...

What an absolutely lovely time. No matter what comes our way-family doing it together makes all the difference.