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Still Keeping Home Depot in Business...

Last February (@ 10pm on a Wednesday night) we randomly (i.e. impulsively and without a plan) decided to rip out the (unused, year old) carpet in our guest rooms. Our (ok my) impromptu` decision resulted in a years worth of projects… but now (I think…maybe….?) we are FINALLY DONE (flooring at least)! (Matt thinks 2010 should bring more couch units, while I’m already dreaming of redoing the front porch…)

MANY MANY MANY thanks to Jason, Tamera, Rick, Dane, Chris, Jean and Dan--who rescued us from killing each other as they helped to lay the last five thousand eight hundred tiles!!!

Our celebration = purchasing a ginormous, comfy (sink into and never get up) couch. (It’s been priority #1 on Matt’s wish-list for the last 4½ years…)

Now that it’s OVER it makes me smile to think about:

  • Our two month slumber party in the living room (whereby we literally relocated the master suite to center stage of the living-room)
  • The vehemence with which Matt kicked the trowel into the street…
  • Our excessive Panda Express bill while in project mode…
  • The way you look (like say… a person who’s attempted to pull all their hair out) when making those last minute runs to the store (and the looks you get from other people while there).
  • All those late nights; the hilarious moments and countless memories…
  • The finished product! J

Our couch was delivered a few days ago… the movers put a giant hole in the drywall….

Matt just got his next project….

Notice the new cabinets to hide all MATT'S electronics!
Luv it!
New Barstools!


Beth P said...

This looks AMAZING! You have great taste and your work looks totally professional!

Debbie Rothaus said...

Wow! That's a lot of pavers. It looks amazing! I can't wait to sink into that huge comfy couch. I like your new cabinets and barstools. Now that the hard projects are coming to an end the fun begins-decorating.
Anticipating coming soon.
love to you both,

Debbie Rothaus said...


Very impressive floor ... love the look and feel of the stone. How many man hours did you have in that thing? I hope Danielle's approval and appreciation matched the aches and pains of laying the floor. If you need some extra cash you can lay floor for me anytime. Great job! Dana

Miller Family said...

This looks fantastic! I love those small tiles. And the couch does look very cozy! Now that you are finished we can start over on the Miller casa! HA!.