Matt's Corner

Lake Luv :)

I luv the lake! I’ve always found the way the sun glistens off the water, both beautiful and fascinating!!! Being on the water never gets old… Inhaling the scenery and relaxing with friends…. definitely one of my favorite ways to spend a summer’s day!

(The Maitland’s boat = J J J extra bonus!)

We had an absolute blast!!! I am not near as brave as I once was, (I heal much slower than I did at 17) but I managed to land the “180” a few times (J).

Morgan totally showed me up… he made grabbing the board mid-air look like a cake-walk…

It was Brett’s first time wakeboarding J… within the first three minutes of getting in the water, his teeth began to chatter and his lips turned blue…. (Maybe the fact that you are 6’1 and 125lbs has something to do with it?). But his second go round made it totally worth it because he actually got to wakeboard; he even made it out over the wake. Go Brett!!!


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