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Project 365, Days 30 & 31

30/365: Death by Chocolate

If you really examine this recipe, you’ll find that this is more a gathering of ingredients and a putting them back together for a most delicious dessertIt’s one of my go to recipes when I want A.) a yummy desert that can be made beforehand B.) to look like a super goddess of all things domestic without any effort. 
Yup, Death by Chocolate is my girl… just dump and go… snatch out of the fridge later and dig in :) 
-1 Chocolate cake mix (make according to directions)
-2 large fat free coll whip
-7 Heath bars broken up
-3 sm instant chocolate puddings

Make cake and let coll.  Cut cake into small pieces (I use only ½ of cake and freeze the other ½ ).  Layer in trifle bowl: cake, pudding, candy, whip cream.  Repeat

31/365: RMG Fellowship Night


A good time was had by all.  Many, many laughs were shared :)

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