Matt's Corner

February 2, 2011

At 9:39pm Grandpa entered heaven.

Our deep loss was heavens gain.  He will be missed by so many.

Sister and I were able to get on the 7:35am departing flight from PHX the next morning.  So I packed my bags, jumped in the truck and began driving from California to Phoenix around 11pm Thursday night.

I made a list of thankfuls… my own personal happiness list to get me through those last couple hours of driving… 

*no traffic  *coffee  *a shooting star seen through the front windshield  *my truck’s big, fast engine  *good tunes to blaring through the speakers  *dance party in my car  *more coffee  *desert skyline  *watermelon flavored suckers  *camera phone  *Arizona city lights against a black sky…  

At 5pm PHX time, I pulled into sissy’s driveway.  At 5:15ish ;) we set out for the airport.

I noticed the sunrise through the giant airport window.

A few hours later we arrived to 2 feet of snow in Denver.  

Lots of flights were delayed and canceled.  Our flight to OKC was not AND we got out of Denver just before they closed down the airport entirely… * another one for the happiness list 

On the second leg sister and I had the entire back row of the plane to ourselves, room to stretch out :) *add another to the happiness list 

And Harper slept almost the entire time… add five more to the happiness list

This was Harper’s first plane ride.  She rocked it.

It was raining in OKC when we arrived, the clouds threatening more than just a drizzle.

It was good to hug mom.

Starbucks was our first stop.  

Then we joined the rest of the family at the funeral parlor. 
So many decisions to be made.

Harper’s great grandma got to meet her for the first time.  A healthy dose of joy amidst her unspeakable pain.

And then to Grandma B’s house we went :)  Surprise… we’ll be here all week!  

Grandma Bettye is also Harper’s great grandma.  What a treat it was to watch them meet… grandma’s eyes sparkling, her smile incessant. 

Climbing into bed, eyes finally able to close after 37 hours of open… my last on the happiness list for today.


Kevin and Pam said...

Sorry for your loss Danielle. Losing a Grandparent is heartbreaking. So happy you know your Grandfather is in heaven and you will see him again someday!

Linda said...

You have become the family historian. love the Grandmas with Harper.