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12.24: Mueller Family Christmas

I must tell you that I ♥ being apart of this family.  They are gold.

I also ♥ their Christmas Day tradition of a late morning breakfast, complete with all the fancy trimmings.  It has become "our" tradition too, one we always look forward too.

We added a chair to our table this year.  Woo Woo!  Love her!    

These two are THE GREATEST!  Like I said before, I ♥ being apart of this family!

Watch out Santa's... this is what could happen to you if you run into my other mother.  She makes me laugh.

We found this next gift for Jean eight months ago.  Last Christmas there was much laughter over the "Poo-lar-bear" present she bought Chris.  Now she has her own version :)

Oh, the many faces of Cali...  She was apparently not happy that someone was else was sitting on her comfy couch spot.

Thank you parents for a lovely Christmas morning!!! 

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debbie rothaus said...

I am so thankful for you bringing the Mueller family into our lives. They are precious. God is so good.