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I ♥ Photos

The last of our 2011 digital scrapbooks arrived in the mail today :)

Eerrrmmm… yes, you are correct, 2011 has three books dedicated to it…
So many good things happened last year :)

That and, I discovered something…
…I’ve learned that photography encourages me to rejoice.  Picking up my camera has become a gateway to praising the One who created today, to praising the One who takes ordinary and transforms it into extraordinary.  I find myself increasingly searching for God’s goodness throughout the days, eagerly anticipating what He will do, ready to grab onto and enjoy that moment more fully through my camera’s viewfinder.
Photography encourages me to pause, even if just for one quick click of the shutter… furthering the imprint of another thankful on my heart and mind.
I cherish the ability to freeze time; to capture a seemingly fleeting moment…
Photography incites me to remember; it allows me the opportunity to relive past moments in the days and years to come.       
Photography has become a path towards thankful and a gateway for rejoicing as I search for His beauty in today.


PS.  Happy first day of March :)

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Julianne4real said...

Danielle! Where do you get your books made? I need to do 2011. and 2010. and... well you know. :O

love you girl. and love, Love, LOVE reading your bloggity blog.