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April 30th - May 5th

121/365: a shout out to my cell phone…

So this “thankful” isn’t really about my cell phone, which is in dire need of a new case because I drop it at least once a day… ;) but rather about what my cell phone allows me to do—because, if you actually stop and think about it, these palm sized devices are quite remarkable…
We can instantly access information on practically any topic we want, whenever we want.  I remember when I was a kid (no, it wasn’t all that long ago, but still…), all research required a trip to the library and good old-fashioned research with a set of encyclopedias…  Now, if you need to find a Mexican restaurant within 1 mile of your location, you can not only find one, but you can check out the menu and order online so your food is waiting for you when you show up!

But the reason I’m most thankful for my cell phone—the reason I am especially thankful for it today—is that it keeps us in touch with people we love across the miles… :)

122/365:  the Mister & I started on reading plan together… it’s much more fun together…

123/365: pesto seared tilapia and crumbled feta salads for dinner :)

124/365:  in meetings today—with ladies I

125/365: friday night @ the Phillips

126/365: new spark plugs in the “mystical brown Cavalier, ” courtesy of Mueller Automotive ;)

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