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Wed: Coastal Conquest, Playing the Tourist in San Francisco

fresh fruit smoothie (delivered) + coffee + 2 (yes, I did say two) of the best homemade ginger scones a girl could ever have
better than a B&B around here, I tell ya...

by 8:30 we were San Francisco bound... taking the Bart under the ocean (freaky, yes!) into SF

enjoying an uncharacteristically sunny summer's day, sans the fog :)

catching our cable car @ the Powell & Hyde Station
& listening to this guy jam out...

Ghirardelli Square.  Go there!  You can smell the chocolate from the patio
 JJ (aka "the hungry bear") made a beeline for a decadent scoop of his beloved Rocky Road

& there we sat, at a nearby bistro table, looking out at the ocean :)

we strolled along Fisherman's Wharf  
it might be a touristy waterfront stretch, but I was preoccupied with watching sailboats thread on by...

many thanks to Chuck & Barbie--I felt like I was given a five-star culinary tour of the coast...
They know their dining establishments... or perhaps they know their beach towns?  
either way, follow them

Lunch @ Alioto's, one of SF oldest, fine-dining, seafood restaurants
The fish was delicious

& the view!  This picture was shot from my seat, through a window
Like I said, the view!

just lurved the classical atmosphere on the boardwalk of Pier 39
the honking of the sea lions, the music of the carousel, the sweet scent of a farmer's market

in the distance, the foreboding isle of Alcatraz

walking along the bridge, as sea birds fly above & white waves lap gently below

Irish coffee's @ the Buena Vista Cafe
snagging an excellent table with a wonderful view of the Bay
where Barbie's grandmother used to stop in after taking in a show

I was certainly swept away by San Francisco Bay...

stereotypical, I know... but a must a must have shot--the hills & that Victorian architecture... ♥

JJ & new friends...

back @ the house
 our "pregame" carb-loading, pasta dinner was absolutely DELISH!

tomorrow we ride!!!

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