Matt's Corner


I've always been a visionary.
A fresh word or direction from the Lord to me is sweet, sweet, sweet…

There really isn't anything in the world like a FRESH off of the pages,
from the Holy Spirit call/vision/direction from the One who calls me HIS.

My heart melts, my eyes redirect, my ears are freshly tuned
and often my steps redirected to follow more closely the One I love.

Sometimes, that God-dreamed path involves altering of my course.

Sometimes that alteration means letting go of old dreams
so I can more fully grasp on with both hands to a new dream...HIS dream.

And sometimes following a fresh route from the Lord
even means running as fast as I can in a new way altogether.
And if that's what it takes, then running is what I'll do...
No looking back.

Because sometimes looking back means I still have one hand on my old dream
while trying to move toward the new one at the same time...

But that's not the way I want to respond to the One I love.
No...I want to run toward the way everlasting, seeking first His kingdom.

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