Matt's Corner

back at it

photography encourages me to rejoice.  writing helps me to remember.

I confess that I have done little of either since our island move... and it's time to begin again.

because picking up my camera is, for me, a gateway to praising the One who created today, to praising the One who takes ordinary and transforms it into extraordinary.

because in lugging around my camera, I find myself increasingly searching for God's goodness throughout the days, eagerly anticipating what He will do... ready to grab onto and enjoy that moment more fully through my camera's viewfinder.

because photography encourages me to pause, even if just for one quick click of the shutter... furthering the imprint of another "thankful" on my heart and mind.... I cherish the ability to freeze time; to capture a seemingly fleeting moment.

because writing incites me to remember... it allows me the opportunity to relive past moments in the days and years to come and to recall His amazing and indisputable faithfulness.

I know that this time around, with a little one almost here and the upcoming adjustment to life with a newborn, my time here will look different than it has in the past, but here's to giving it a go... to coming here, if only just twice a week, to document a few reason my heart rejoices in Him, the Giver of all good things.

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