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the one day all I really wanted was a burger {the backlogs}

Most times, when heading out for a lunch or dinner date with my man, I don’t know exactly where it is that I really want to eat.

However, I always seem to know where it is I don’t want to go.

And thus, when leaving for an eatery date with my man, he typically suggests three places and I will tell him where it is that I do not want to go.

That was not the case when driving home from church on July 14th when I told him I absolutely NEEDED a Jr. Whopper from Burger King (what I really wanted was an In & Out burger, animal style…  but, very sadly, they have not yet come to Oahu and as such I named the only other burger place I knew of).

I think he almost unintentionally stopped the car on the freeway, while turning to stare at me...”

But then he just laughed and said, “Danielle you’re pregnant.”

“Because I want a burger?”

“No, because we’ve been married almost 8 years and you’ve never had such a request.”

Side-note: just because I don’t request fast food does not mean I can’t easily eat my weight at Taco Bell.

Sometime in the next week the boy and I made a bet and I lost, which meant I had no choice other than to take a pregnancy test

Let me just say, over the last 8 years, I’ve taken hundreds of tests and they’ve always read “negative.”

I was expecting the same result when I woke up on Saturday, July 7th to follow through with my lost bet...

I even remember thinking, here’s to (literally) flushing another $10.00 down the toilet.

Clearly I was in for the surprise of my life…

photo by Annie Groves

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