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Although this was my very first marriage retreat, this had to be one of the best. There was a fantastic blend of phenomenal teaching, time with my wife, fellowship with other couples, and amazing weather with lots to do close-by. Just being with my lovely wife was an encouragement, as our schedules sometimes are so crazy we only see each other in passing. An entire weekend together was, in my mind, priceless!
Things I took away….
Schedule date nights: This is critical for us! Our lives are filled to the brim with great blessings, but we must make time for each other (yes, even if we have to schedule blocks of time to eat and hang out). Who knew that making time for each other gets harder AFTER you get married????
Don’t be lazy: Deferring is good…. (You know the conversation; “what do you want to do?” “I dunno what do you want to do” “I want to do whatever you want to do..” etc. etc…) but my wife was designed to want leadership. I can prefer to her by leading her! I thought I was doing the right thing, as I truly did want to do whatever she wanted to do, but I was going about it the wrong way…. The lazy way. I say lazy, because I wanted her to feed me the answer, instead of think of her and come up with a plan. I have really been working at this since the retreat, and have found out for myself how true this really is.
Put God First: This doesn’t require much explanation… When God is at the center of your life, everything else does, indeed, fall into place. Having the proper perspective of God, oneself, sin, and the punishment we deserve… well it makes the important things important and the petty things petty.

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Debbie Rothaus said...

Matt, I love it that you are so eager to learn in order to lead.