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HOME IMPROVEMENT (minus Tim Allen)

I must brag about my amazing hubby again. He just finished laying the hardwood in the dining room and master suite, installed the last ceiling fan, totally reorganized the garage: adding additional shelves, a new work-bench, and strategically placing all his tools into the new tool chest (Question: does one really need ALL these tools!? When I spread them out they cover the entire floor of the 3rd garage!?!). Matt is becoming quite the pro (watch out Bob Villa); it looks phenomenal, THANK YOU babe!
There was one lil hic up….
About 3 weeks ago, I was in the guest bathroom and noticed it smelled funny. Matt had just finished tiling in there, so I assumed it was the sealer. But later that same day, I couldn’t ignore the “something must have died and is rotting under our very own sink stench.” “Matt, I need you; something is wrong.” “Yep…toilet’s leaking….sigh.”
Long story short, we had to take the toilet back off, pull off the baseboard, rip out the drywall (mind you the house isn’t even 2 years old), treat the mold, and then put humpty back together again… I won’t mention what we (ok Matt) cleaned up in the process…
Lesson Learned: Take the time to run to Lowes and grab small items, like new toilet sealers, even if you (or your husband) think the old one will work fine. ...

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lisa guier said...

wow! I love your house. You all are doing a great job! You are blessed!