Matt's Corner


We had a complete BLAST with my family here in beautiful California! It was absolutely the greatest! Here are some highlights and thoughts from our time together:

  • Morning walks with mom are something I wish I could do EVERY day.
  • Girlie shopping days never get old.
  • Lazy afternoons on the beach are the best… lazy afternoons on the beach with Matt’s family AND my family = PERFECT!
  • My man can cook!!!! After beach burgers never tasted so good! Side-note: I was just informed that Matt plans to retire by 50 and work as a master chef and/or a politician (president)….. fantastic.
  • Del Mar is remarkably beautiful… and the Torrey Pines State Reserve has some incredible hiking trails that overlook the ocean. I highly recommend hiking the “beach trail” and walking back sans shoes with your feet in the surf.
  • Family dinners are priceless!
  • Seaport Village in SD is always fun to explore.
  • Going to church as a family is my FAVORITE!
  • Some things never change… Our Sunday’s together still consist of 3 main components: an encouraging time worshiping the Lord, a fantastic meal together (with sports playing in the background, of course) and relaxed time of fun and fellowship with each other.
  • Some things do change… now we take up an entire row at church and Meg actually WON clue (twice)!
  • Meg and Jeff are good at lots of things… mini-golf is not one of them.
  • Mom is still my biggest cheerleader, even if it means taking her first ever cycle class and almost dying. It was so funny, I’d be instructing the class to work out of the saddle, like they were trying to attack a hill, and would glance over at her; she would be sitting down just pedaling away.
  • 27 holes in 3 hours… go dad! Mom it’s your turn to pull the flag…
  • My sis is certainly an extremely talented stylist! I hate to be the bearer of bad news Meg, but you will always be bugged to work on family get-togethers.
  • La Jolla = BBQ, Seal Beach, and swimming through caves (only Brett and I were brave enough).
  • LAX flights: Good for saving $, but traffic = BAD.
  • I miss having my mom so close; dialoguing about matters of the heart… even if we sit under the golden arches for 2 hours….
  • No one would have ever guessed I would be able to out-shop Meg and Mom… I think the fashion district is phenomenal.
  • Burgers ANIMAL STYLE… need I say more? Mother I’m so sorry I didn’t introduce you sooner.
  • Remember when I said some things never change… Mom is still the queen of clean and an amazing servant! Thanks for all your help.
  • We took off for PHX to help Meg move there AGAIN! It was a great trip together… h-e-l-l-o painting party!
  • Visiting friends is an absolute treat! It’s so fun to sit and talk like no time has gone by at all… to pick right back up where you left and forget that you no longer live 10 min away. Steve and Drew we love and miss you guys! And Steven Emery the 6th is beautiful! An incredible blessing!
  • Can I just say that the Mark of the Lion series is amazing… read it! Even better, go on a road trip with your spouse, both with your favorite books in hand, and argue over whose turn it is to drive… lol.
  • Goodbyes never get easier… I love my family, miss you guys already.


Debbie Rothaus said...

It was an absolute blast!! I love how you recapture all the wonderful times. I was laughing and crying at the same time. I do cherish every moment we get to spend together. Your dad and are blessed to have you for a daughter and Matt for a son.

lisa guier said...

i just caught up with your last couple of posts. you have a great gift of putting words on "paper". It sounds like you had a great time. your mom IS the greatest! :)

JMolloy said...

I love your mommy too. She is an amazingly tender and insightful mentor. Love that woman. so much.