Matt's Corner



Summertime = cramming in more people than your car has seats for and heading to the BEACH!
Summertime = time to sit back and unwind.
Summertime = sitting by the waves with great friends, laughing till your cheeks hurt.
Summertime = walking in the surf with my sexy man!
Summertime = warm sand, flip flops, swimming suits, tank tops, shorts, tanned skin, hot days, sun hats, great books, beach chairs, seagulls, sun screen, funny pictures, packed lunches, beach hair, water fights, umbrellas, fire-pits, seashells, beach towels, boogie-boards, ice cream, waves, big sunglasses, sandcastles, favorite songs, and the beautiful OCEAN!
Summertime = Sunday beach days with all my girls I love so very much!

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