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Art Projects

I stole this idea from my little sister :) The very talented Tracy Dodson took these family photos for us in Carlsbad; I just paper-clipped 5x7 prints to strands of pretty ribbon :)
This is just an old surfboard covered in pictures. We added the frames and our favorite family photo's below the board to fill in the space.
This was a Tracy Farrell idea :) Matt bolted five wood planks together, I painted them different colors, then Tracy and I used a "wood burning kit" to burn this image across the planks. I luv it! The process totally made my house smell like a campfire... :)
This was not only Matt's idea; but he also made it :) We were at Crate & Barrel on vacation and I was searching for a reason to buy fabric.... His idea = cut a giant piece of wood/board and cover it. I was skeptical; but he made it and I dig! Pretty sweet :)

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