Matt's Corner

Daily Tide 4.9 = ♥ Family :)

This past weekend was an absolute blessing as we were graciously given the opportunity to spend some sweet, treasured, totally FUN time with our WA family! The sunshine came out to play and Sea World blipped up on the radar
It was a FANTASTIC day; full of smiles, salty air, flippers, yummy food, excellent (wheelchair) seats, splashy exhibitions, and (the best part) each other J J J
Oh, and the polar bear exhibit = J
The two beautiful white fluffy bears spent zero time wallowing on their patch of iceinstead, much to our delight, they put on quite a show!!! Their funny antics kept us smiling from ear to ear as they romped round and round; pouncing on barrels, diving headfirst into the water, playfully vying with each other for the best toy, swimming underwater, and chasing after fish…
sorry about the pic's... I only took my point and shoot... they didn't come out great...

video from Chris's iphone :)


The Romans said...

Okay lady..what does "J" mean? :)

Danielle Mueller said...

:) its a smiley face in word... guess it doesn't transfer on blogger :( when I read it from my home computer it comes up as a :) but from my phone a J
I think blogger needs to get smiley's

Dodson Family said...

so awesome - one time we went and the polar bears played for about 30 minutes - it was AMAZING!!! i had my video and my good camera - so so so awesome!!!

Miller Family said...

You need to switch to windows live writer- Tracy told me about it and I love it-so much easier and they have smiley faces! :)