Matt's Corner

8.5 Mueller Family Vacation in Carlsbad :) Day Seven

Life on family vacation has a rhythm all to itself.

early mornings, with my open Bible and java…

mid-mornings bid a walk down the street to our favorite donut shop and a sit around the breakfast table together…

early afternoon = readying ourselves for the beach

afternoons-> R&R @ the beach

and evenings mean yummy food out on the town :)

Today Matt and I headed out to catch our last vacation waves atop the boogie boards. The ocean agreed with us. Lots of waves were caught. Fun was had. J

I jumped into my last perfect wave of the day and glided all the way to shore. Ok, just one more…

Matt and I both caught a monster wave and were launched toward the shore together, side-by-side…

♥ him!

may we be walking beaches together for the rest of our lives ♥

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