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9.23 Life With Harper Part 5

Off to Harper's first checkup :)
I wonder how much it cost for the doctor to tell us what I already knew...
This little one is practically perfect in every way :)

Afterwards, we hit up Target. I decided to steal the stroller away and walk Harper up and down the aisles all by my lonesome.  Side-note: it’s amazing how many people start talking to you when you are pushing around a beautiful baby. One lady was oohing and ahhing (perfectly understandable) over baby Harper when she asked, “How old is she?”
I told the lady Harper was four days old.
She gasped, looked at me and said, “Wow you look fantastic. You’re doing so well. You’re so brave.”
And I said, “Thank you!”

Today we also ventured to snap a few family pictures. Here’s a few. (BTW: this is my very first attempt at Photoshop—I have a lllooonnnggg ways to go)

Beautiful family!

 And a few with Grandma too :)


Rothaus Family said...

Blest baby girl... God, with all wisdom and knowledge as placed you in your parents loving arms. Ps 139:13-18

lisa g. said...

great pictures Danielle!