Matt's Corner

12.25: Christmas Day ♥

We anticipated a beautiful day together.  Laughter & blessings.  It was just that and more.  Blessings upon blessings.
A precious gift I will forever treasure.
Together with Matt’s family.  Together with my family.  Close family, old friends, new friends; all together for this long-anticipated celebration.

Together at Sunday morning service, worshiping our Savior

Together exchanging gifts around the twinkling tree

Together in the kitchen

Together around the dinner table

Together with mugs of coffee and slices of pumpkin pie

Together circled round in the living room to discuss “What it means to KNOW God”
Together praising our Savior for who He is
Together trying to articulate His incomprehensible love
Together rejoicing that this incomprehensible God has made a way for us to KNOW Him

To say that today was a very special day is an understatement
Today, for me, was one for the highlight reel

And then, without further ado, (enter theme music) it was time to “Let the Games Begin!”
UFC1 was all at once underway.  Official contender introductions were made.  The grand prize revealed (a 40'' flat screen TV).  Winner and loser trophies were brought out and prominently displayed.

Jason had previously sent in his “warm-up” video. We played it on the projector for all to see :)
Have I told you yet that tonight was completely full of laughter?  I’m not sure if I ever stopped smiling.

To kick-off round one of our lil 3-day competition, UFC 1 brought to us The Newlywed Game!
Each couple was put on the spot, answering a series of questions about their teammate.  Lots of great stories were shared.  Even MORE laughter was had :)

Can you guess who won?
In dramatic fashion it all came down to 2 teams who had tied for first place.  Facing off in a sudden death match to settle tonight’s score, it was…

Grannylicious   Vs.   Mr. & Mrs. Claws

Sienna & Grandma (who live in different states) Vs. Matt and Me (who have been married for 6 years)

Final guesses people...

Emerging victorious it was none other than:

(Go granny, go granny, go!)

It was I who choked in the sudden-death face off… in the drama and excitement of it all!  I had 2 answers written down on the paper.  One of my answers was, in fact, right.  But it seems I chose the wrong one.

What a wonderful CHRISTmas day!  


debbie rothaus said...

What an amazing time all being together celebrating our Saviour's birth and enjoying the blessing of one another. :)

mcmurphy said...

U have such a beautiful family! Miss you wish we could hang out when your schedule clears up :-(