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12.26: UFC Part Two

The California weather was extravagantly lovely.  Mom and I took full advantage with an extra-long morning walk.  Enjoying the clear blue skies… delightful rays of sun—all sunshiny and warm.
Our sweet time together, just mom and me :)

I confess—I ate stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie for breakfast.  I sure did.  SO good :)
The weather was exquisite.  Incredible.  Beautiful.  Splendid.  Actually, the weather was quite perfect all week long.  We were blessed to have such a week.  Like being given the most gorgeous present.

Today we spent the afternoon snapping a few family photos.  More pics to come, but for now, I give you a few shots of “3’s company.”

We LOVE this family.  They are precious to us.  Young, so full of life.  Eager, to serve, to love.   They are easy to please.  Easy to love.  They are a testimony that God works miracles.  Their story is not mine to share, but their love story absolutely rocks-my-socks-off. 
Oh and dear-beloved-Harper-girl, you don’t know this yet… but as soon as you’re old enough, Matt & I will be stealing you away each summer for as long a time as your parents can stand it.  Hope your looking forward to it as much as we are... I just may have already planned out your first stay with us...  ;)


After pictures, after taking up the entire back corner of Chilis…
We then returned to our regular programming and got our game faces on!  Ready for tonight’s friendly BOWLING contest!

Talk about some tough competition! 
Chris was packing so much power that he completely ripped his shirt down the side… He was also so in “the zone” that he didn’t even notice his shirt had split in two till it was pointed out to him.

Jason was literally “smashing it,” approaching the lane at such intense speeds that his legs couldn’t quite keep up and his whole body would smash to the floor.  It happened more than once folks.

At the end of round one the Rothinators were in the lead.
Followed by none other than Grannylicious?!?  Say what?!? 
Granny’s strategy was really working for her…
But after two fierce rounds of competition it was the Rothinators that took home the gold.  They bowled out of their minds.  No one could touch them.

Who came in last?  Don’t ask.  But it couldn’t have been Matt and me…     

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debbie rothaus said...

Absolutely a blast!! How many strikes did Derek have anyway? Is uncle "D" already showing his niece how to play cards? Can't wait for more.

lots of love