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12.27: UFC Part Three

Our mornings consisted mainly of the following:
CoffeeEach otherMorning walksSunny skies.  Harper’s white fuzzy beanie against her long black lashesLaughterEggs and pumpkin pie ;)  Crisp airCard gamesZuma .  Lazing around.  GolfMore coffee.   

 This afternoon the thermometer read 75 :)
 Not a cloud in the sky…
 Carpe Diem people.
We settled on a lil outdoor mall shopping adventure.  We had exactly two hours to spend our new-found Christmas money from the parents.
Seize the day we did, running out to the car at the very last minute while toting packages from every available limb.

Dinnertime meant that EVERYONE was back together :)   

And after dinner was what I considered my favorite part of the day.  We’d circle up in the great room to discuss what is truly most important.  
Tonight’s topic was the greatest gift ever given.
WOWed again by what our Savior has done for us.  
The Gospel never gets old.  
That precious time was quite easily the BEST part of our evenings together.

Now back to the UFC J
Today’s event = Wii archery!

Chris and Jean started us off strong.
The many faces of concentration...
 Some behind the scenes strategy... 
 Very intense...
Matt gave Mr. & Mrs. Claws the edge needed to weasel into first.

The Rothinators were the last team to go and had the opportunity to place first for a very big second win…

So close, but no cigar…
Mr & Mrs. Claws took home the victory win. 

Ok, so yes, we own the game; yes we picked the competitions but we’ve honestly only played it once before…  Eerrmm no whining about it or your team loses points… jk…

Tonight also seemed like a good time to unwrap and break out Just Dance 3.  That we did, till midnight!
Check back tomorrow.  Our final day of UFC featured 3 hair-raising competitions.  

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debbie rothaus said...

dance video so funny!!!