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12.28: UFC Finale

Today was the final day of UFC 2011, our first ever Ultimate Family Competition!
With three teams tied for first place, and three competitions still to go, UFC1 was still anyone’s game!!!   
We sure did go out with a bang.  All three of today’s contests literally came down to the wire.

I wish you could have been there… felt the excitement, the nervous tension, heard the cheering, seen the victory dances, the high fives…

Today was a THRILLING day.
Today was a FUN day.
Today was a GREAT day.

And it all started off with a round of mini golf.

At the 9th hole G-Force and Mr. & Mrs. Claws were tied for FIRST.

But just a mere 5 strokes behind them, Mojo Mueller and Team Cougar were tied for SECOND. 

Mojo Mueller and Team Cougar made up lost ground over the next seven holes and, with two holes to go, all four teams were within 2 strokes of each other.

Excitement was in the air.

Scores were calculated and recalculated as each team figured and refigured the score they would need to win.

Here we are at hole #17.

We all kinda choked...

And at the 18th hole we had a tie. 
G-Force  vs.  Mr. & Mrs. Claws

And then… appearing out of nowhere, because they thought they did stand a chance after their first 9 holes…
3’s Company!

Three way tie friends!  Sudden death it was.  We marched our entire entourage back to the first hole to settle the score.  With everyone looking on...

Here’s how it went down:
Dad = 2, Mom = 4; G-Force => 7
Matt = 3, Me = 3; Mr. & Mrs. Claws => 6
Meg steps up and scores a 2!?!, Jeff seals in the victory with a HOLE IN ONE!!!!
3’s Company wins with a cumulative score of 3!!!  Say What?!?

Ok, they totally deserved that win!

Our second UFC competition of the day featured a Home Run Hitting Contest.  We thought the Rothinators had this one in the bag, seeing as they both played competitive baseball…

Rules:  Everyone gets 5 hits.  Homeruns are not counted against your 5 hits.  Strikes are not counted against your 5 hits.  Foul balls are not counted against your 5 hits. 
Easy enough, 5 hits for you, 5 hits for your partner, total up you homeruns and see who wins!

The Rothinators and G-Force were tied for second place, each had 4 home runs.
Team Cougar was leading the pack with a total of 5 home runs. 

Sidenote:  It took each team about a total of 8 minutes to complete their turn.

Then Matt steps up to the plate.  Mind you Mr. and Mrs. Claws were never considered a threat, neither of us ever played baseball.  Want to see just an itty-bitty snippet of Matt’s 20minutes at bat?
I think he may have popped a rib.
He was sore 2 whole days later.     
Babe Ruth struck out more than any other player.
And all Matt’s effort was not in vain.  When he did connect, that ball flew. 
He hit 6 homers all by himself! 
I added five more and we had the very decisive victory!

One competition left folks.  A friendly competition of Gestures (If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s kinda like Charades on crack.)   

Thanks to Tamra’s winning performance, it looked like Team Cougar had this one in the bag. 
Their score was almost double that of the team in second place.  Want to see them in action?  I think you very much do ;)

What happened next was kind of a blur.  I remember that 3’s Company needed 8 points to tie Team Cougar, and 9 points to steal the victory win here.  If they did get the 9 points then we would have a two way tie overall for UFC1. 
Currently, Mr. & Mrs. Claws was the only team with two victories on the board.  3’s Company already had one victory, but needed one more win in order to challenge us for the BIG win.  

So did they bring in an unheard of nine points?

Unbelievably, YES, they did!!!

The clock was ticking and they boys had to get up early for work the next day, but we still needed a final winner.  So how did we settle the score? 
How about a good old fashioned coin toss?  Yes, we know/understand/realize this was a bit of a lame way to end it, but it was all we could come up with at the time.  So coin toss it was.
Chris flipped the quarter up in the air.  

Megan calls it, “tails!” 
The quarter bounced on the floor and spun round and round…

Till it finally landed flat on the ground… George Washington looking back at us… “Heads!”

And so, with that, Mr. & Mrs. Claws are our new UFC 2011 Champions!

I’ll admit it, I kept the quarter :)

Well that's it from UFC1.  Hope you enjoyed sharing in our lil adventure, we sure enjoyed every moment of it!

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The Macs said...

You guys are so fun!! We went golfing there the day after you and the same thing happened to us on hole #17! We played couples and Kelsey was on her own. Somehow she was the only one who got a good score on that one...I think my dad scored an 8 :)