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Project 365, Days 1-7

Our front porch is still very much a work in progress… one we haven’t gotten back around to… Life and other stuff (good stuff) took over…
But in the meantime, here’s what happens on our new front deck.  Just what we were planning to happen out here :)

Matt had the day off :) 
I had so much to do—Christmas decorations to pack, an entire house to clean, mail that had been sitting for a week, paperwork to attend to… 
He wanted me to join him on his errands. 
There was a battle going on at first.  He doesn’t need me to go with. We’ve already spent an entire, wonderful morning together. I should get my work done. 
But I didn’t.  Instead, we talked the whole way there and back.  We had fun running errands.   I laughed at him as he ran around Home Depot like a kid in a candy store.  He treated me to my favorite drink from my favorite coffee shop.
The other stuff eventually got done… it always does.

2011 UFC Champs here :)  With our victory came a flat screen TV.  Yesterday we returned it, then upgraded to a 55” LCD.
My husband happens to be a medical rep by day and a tech-junkie-genius by night.  Here he is working his magic to upgrade our wireless signal so that we can be cord free.  Because our technology must be pretty… my rule.

I spent ALL day in the computer chair… paperwork, taxes, bill paying, paperwork, retirement accounts, filing, calculating, paperwork, charts, Quickbooks, emails, paperwork…
Till evening came, I dimmed the lights… took a beat and hit the yoga mat :) 


5/365: Disaster Averted! 
Matt couldn’t find his wallet… AGAIN!  He tends to lose it every other year or so…  I tend to lose my cool…
We looked everywhere.
Just as we were about to call the credit card companies, he checked the truck a second time.  There it was, caught on the inset of the passenger side door…
Thankful :)

Our impromptu dinner at the parent’s house spun itself out into a most lovely evening together.
There was steak and crab.  Excellent conversation.  An Auntie Anne’s pretzel experiment.  Please laugh at our beautiful pretzel “creations…”
The boys cleaned their guns till well past our bedtimes.  The manly smell of Hoppe’s lingering about on our drive home. 
Matt and I agree, life tastes a lil bit sweeter at the parent’s house… when we’re just along for the ride… with two people we love and trust and genuinely enjoy.

The weather has been glorious here in SoCal!
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
All week, I stared out my open window and told myself I would stop, get out there and enjoy it…
Never happened.
Guess my to-do list was just too long… I couldn’t stop…
Correction, I didn’t stop.  I chose not to stop…
Today, however, I did :)
Just got out there… stretched my legs, felt the sunshine on my skin, walked the doggie.

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