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Project 365, Days 18-23

Wednesday mornings are a treat for me.  It’s my “late start” day… the only weekday my alarm isn’t juddering me awake by 5am.
I like early mornings, something about the quiet and still of it all.
I like sleep too… as such, I look forward to Wednesdays :)

This morning there was also leftover blueberry pancakes… just waiting to be smothered with fresh blueberries, brown sugar and my newfound luv, pumpkin butter…


A fabulous lunch with my closest friend! 
I love our times together.  I love who she is.  I love her passion.  I love who she is becoming.

I’m digging the latest quote that she sent me,
“Your theology will not always move you in the direction of obedience because your use of theology is governed by the condition of your heart.” -Paul Tripp
So true.

PS.  CPK has a new yummy Roasted Vegetable Salad… nirvana!  

Romans 6 study!  Laughing at Matt’s hand motions.  Searching the Word of God together.  Encouraging each other to pursue Christ harder.

We awoke to a grey, drizzly morning.  I quite enjoy it when those sorts of mornings fall on a Saturday… mostly because I am able to snuggle up under the covers with my love for an extra hour or so :)
I also woke up sick… must have been those late hours partying with our Romans 6 crew that did me in…. ;)
At any rate, today was a productive sick day.  I spent a large part of the day taking our 2011 blog and formatting it into a digital scrapbook.  Jan-June 2011 is now ready for print… still have July-Dec to go…
As each January rolls around, undertaking our yearly family scrapbook feels like a bit daunting (though the process is neither hard nor complicated); I have to remind myself that it’s so fun to enjoy the results.  

A low-key kind of weekend.  Not my favorite, but needed.

P.S.  Matt ’s grapefruits…

23/365:  Let’s make February the new January…
I used to find myself, amidst the craziness of December, saying (to myself), “Self, just get through December, in January the madness will letup and it’ll be occasion for a breather…”
But now I say (to myself), “Self, enjoy December in all its wonderful craziness, because January will come and it’s craziness is not nearly as fun (or as important).”
January means goodbying with the Christmas tree, taking down the Christmas sparkles… it means “operation simplify” is in effect around here, it means full schedules start up again… plus there are those pesky new year’s resolutions one must simultaneously keep amongst full schedules restarting, there’s taxes to get in order and last year’s scrapbook to be formatted….  It seems January just got here and it’s already almost over.  While it’s ok to anticipate the next season (or month), one thing I have obviously yet to learn:  how to live fully (abundantly) in this moment…   

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