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Project 365, Day 17

17/365:  Happy Valentine’s Day to Me :)

Today I went to the dentist.   
I’m thankful to be able to go to the dentist.
There was a time in our lives when we couldn’t afford it.

As I left the dentist office, with a glowing report and a steaming cup of pumpkin flavored coffee in hand, the sun had finally emerged triumphant over lingering rain clouds.  In case you haven’t quite noticed, I really do beautiful, sunshiny days. 

The road home forces me to drive by one of my favorite home décor stores.
I drove past the first entrance… “There’s nothing that I need…”
Coming up on the second entrance… “Oh, ok, I’ll just run in and have a quick look…”

When I’m in the shopping mood, I quite enjoy it… slowly perusing up and down the store’s aisles, searching its shelves for unique treasures… 

I was about to go home empty handed when I saw her.   

Hello “Black Beauty…”
Do you want to come home with me?  Yes, I think you very much do…
The price tag was reasonable, but it wasn’t exactly a bargain…
I have to really like something to pay fair market value for it.  Normally I don’t settle for anything less than a great deal…
But “Black Beauty” had my name written all over it.

I snapped a picture with my camera phone, emailed it over to Matt, typed, “Can I get this for Valentine’s day?” into the subject line and awaited his response…

I shopped some more… there were actually two “Black Beauties” in the store. 
Three minutes later I found myself standing in front of “Black Beauty” again.  Admiring.  Waiting.

Another lady walked by, “If you like it you should get it, I just saw the other one being carried up to the front.”
She was right. 
I hadn’t even noticed before, but there was only ONE “Black Beauty” left. 

I knew I could always return it if Matt didn’t like it… or rather if he didn’t like me enough to buy me this most perfect Valentine’s day gift… totally joking about that last part ;) 

My phone told me I had an email.
“Yep, not even gonna ask how much.”

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to our new “Black Beauty.”  

This canvass is a bit outside of the box for me—who is addicted to coastal, beachy, laid-back décor style... but somehow it fits.  I grew up riding horses; the second horse I owned was all black like this one... maybe that's why it fits... 

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