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Project 365, Day 16

16/365: Latte Heaven
I coffee.  You already know this, yes?   

If you coffee too, allow me to make a suggestion…  It may just turn your morning coffee into latte heaven.

Especially if you’re one who really ’s a good latte with foam…
I will be your new BFF for sharing my new secret with you.

I stumbled upon this lil latte-heaven-making-contraption while returning a Christmas present.  Matt and I were wandering through the store, searching for something to spend our store credit on and we stumbled upon what is now our new Keurig One Touch Milk Frother.

I was a bit skeptical at first… didn’t think she would quite live up to all the promises on her packaging.  I googled her; she didn’t get raving reviews, but I brought her home anyway.

Ok, actually, Matt brought her home, but I found her…

Excellent decision!

I her!!!

Though I will admit, latte-heaven-making-contraption hasn’t been with us very long, she’s doing a phenomenal job.  Here’s too that perfectly heated, fluffy foam... and to an excellent start to today :)


Miller Family said...

Oh I just might have to check this out! Where did you find it?

Danielle Mueller said...