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25/365:  Zuma & BFF

26/365:  Master the Mundane
Can’t quite remember the details of how Jean and I ended up in laughter over this email thread, but it got me thinking…

At the end of a recent email she said…  
“PS  I wonder if Matthew remembers the "eggie" song I used to sing to him?  You should ask him to sing it while you make eggs!  :-)    We pretty much had a song for everything.  Lots of laughing went with them.”

So I asked Matt to sing me the “eggie” song… I may have secretly recorded him… then emailed this back to her…
Her reply…
“Oh my, didn't think he could be any more wonderful!  What a memory.  Thanks for the smile.
Here is another one Dad and I remembered,
"Hip, hip hooray for Matthew John Mueller, Matthew John Mueller ......"  Does he remember????  :)      Everything was a celebration in our house.”

Two things stood out to me… well three, if you count how sweet my husband is…

1.  We pretty much had a song for everything.  Lots of laughing went with them.
2.  Everything was a celebration in our house

It seems to me that much of life can be mundane and routine…  Today I was reminded that a wise woman learns to master the mundane; she learns the art of finding the simple and true joys in life.  She is a blessing to her family. 

What a wonderful mother.  What an incredible example. 

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Megan Leland said...

hahah!!! "...eggies, eggies, I love eggies!"