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Project 365, Day 27


I’ve gushed at you that Matt is the greatest.  I’ve shared snippets of how he makes my life much more wonderful.  I’ve showed you that he really happens do it all… from hardwood floors to built-in cabinets, from brick inlays to countertops, from wainscoting to sinks, from tile to granite, from drywall to electrical fixtures, from cement to building furniture... you know I could continue like this for much longer than you want to sit here and read this… ;)  I’ve previously mentioned here that he is a medical rep by day, and a tech-junkie-genius by night…
But you can also pen in “graphic nerd” on his resume.
He’s been helping me with a few graphic-y things around here… like our new blog format… and the setting up of the new Coastal Conquest blog… and our new photo stamp!  Eerrmm, yes I did just say a photo stamp :) 
You see, over the weekend I was dabbling on that lovely Pinterest site everyone raves about (read: not yet a member) and whatdyaknow… a few of my pictures from this very blog were floating about Pinterest land…
I did a little happy dance… then ran and told Matt that I needed a photo stamp.  My statement may have produced a few raised eyebrows from Best Husband Ever, but a few clicks later, viola—photo stamp success! 

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