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Treasures in Grandma's Closet


After breakfast, as we all sat around in Grandma’s living room, cozied up by the fire—chatting and laughing—someone mentioned “guns.”  The day tumbled out in a domino effect from there.
On the top shelf of Grandma B’s closet, in a yellow, checked, tin box, sat the only gun to date that Grandma hadn’t given away—a very old-school looking pistol. 
I did the only thing I really knew to do… I googled it.  Inspecting it, we found it to be loaded, gold bullets in the chamber.  YouTube showed me most of what I needed to know, but I could not, for the life of me, get the clip out.  So Grandma dialed up her gun expert friend and we headed over, lunch in hand. 
Joe had the clip out in five seconds, but kept repeating the phrase, “This gun is blowing my mind…”  We found Nazi symbols on the gun, but are not sure if they are genuine.  What we do know is that the gun is extremely old. 
Grandma said I could have it, probably due to the fact that Matt kept calling us every ten minutes requesting pictures and sharing his research… ;)

After purchasing a gun safe, so that the gun could travel home with me, Grandma, Sister, Harper and I enjoyed our last evening together by the fire.   

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