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24 Hours of Misery


It started last night.  “I don’t feel so good…” I told my dad.  An hour later I was puking my guts out… Ick! … Tell me about it… I haven’t thrown up in years… but over the course of the next twelve hours I did just that about twelve more times.
The entire night was miserable.  One minute I would be freezing under piles of blankets next to the fire, the next minute sweat would be pouring down the side of my face.  At one point, perhaps slightly out of my mind, I shed all of my clothes and just laid on the freezing cold bathroom tile, I could care less who found me… 
The next morning I tried to pull it together and take a shower, I wanted to meet up with my aunt and uncle for lunch.  Unfortunately, I didn’t even have the energy to towel off after the shower—just plopped back down on the bathroom floor, waiting to gather enough strength to stand up without falling over. 

Grandma B took the best care of me throughout today… letting me sleep in her bed, bringing me 7up and toast, taking my temperature, checking on me every hour, perhaps even slipping me one of her pain pills… ;)

My mom had been out taking care of her mom.  When they got back from lunch I heard that her stay with her mom, (my other Grandma) didn’t quite go as planned either.  Grandma fell getting out of bed that morning, my mom struggled in an attempt to get her upright for over an hour… all the activity made grandma hot and decided she didn’t want to wear her clothes either.  Now I know where I got it from ;)

We were all just glad that Grandma was not hurt.

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