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Painting with Grandma B


After an extra-long morning walk with mom, with cheeks still rosy from fending off the biting wind outside, we gathered round Grandma B’s breakfast table… mmm, can Grandma concoct up yumminess…

My sister had a stellar idea for the afternoon, and so, with our mission in front of us, we set about finding and relocating all of Grandma’s painting supplies into her kitchen. 


Grandma B is quite the artist.  She knows how to make things beautiful.  She’s a master of color.  Back in her day, she even made money selling her beautiful paintings.  I luved my sister’s splendid idea to bring her out of retirement for the day.  And so, with supplies set about our persons, sister began to paint a picture for Harper’s nursery; I settled in to work on a seascape. 
Grandma stayed by our side, helping us along, fixing our “oopsies.”  Though it’s been years since she’s held a paintbrush, despite her arthritic fingers and the slight shake in her hands, Grandma helped us paint a bit more beauty into the world. 

The lovely afternoon drifted past us like a vapor as we delightedly dipped out brushes in color, mixed, swept, dabbed and blotted…


Wanna see what I brought home with me?

Everything good about it = Grandma B :)

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Tracy Dodson Photography said...

You're amazing. I want to new grandma B.