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120/365: April 29th, Yosemite Day 4

We celebrated our last day in Yosemite with breakfast at the luxurious Ahwahnee Hotel, where visitors are invited to have a toe up in front of spectacular, six-foot-high fireplaces, or dine under glittering chandeliers hung from large wooden beams.

We enjoyed a delicious, leisurely breakfast together… surrounded by colossal windows and spectacular Yosemite views.

Blessed we are to have Yosemite in our backyard.

Blessed we are to have had this lovely long-weekend away together.

Our drive out of the park is deliberately unhurried… soaking up this majestic country for one last time.

Surely this two lane strip of pavement—which winds its way across bridges and through countless acres of scenic wilderness, which bisects the tranquility of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range—has led my heart to step back and reflect on the majesty of the One who created this place… to remember afresh that I have been rescued from sin in order that I might see and savor the glory of God; that I am free to enjoy making much of God forever, that doing so leads to joy abundant.

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