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240/365: HIS Grace

Isaiah 41:10 “Fear thou not; for I am with thee:  Be not dismayed; for I am thy GodI will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

Matt has been gone for two weeks now, fifteen days actually…
(but if my post weren't so far behind, and actually up to date the above sentence would read, "Matt has been gone for four weeks today, thirty days actually,")
not fun.  not one bit.

I miss him
his lightheartedness. his laughter. his strength. his confidence.  his determination.  his leadership.  his fun.  his wisdom.  his steadfastness.  his faith.

I confess there have been moments where I thought I couldn’t do all this, “shoring up the house” thing without him…

& though it’s just been me here, in this California house,
I am not alone…

Is 54:5 “For you husband is your Maker whose name is the Lord…”

HE is taking care of me.  Protecting me.  Providing for me.
HIS lovingkindness overwhelms me…

è in countless answered prayers
è in His daily words to me, so timely, so sweet

& in other ways that I did not ask for, but He sent anyways to encourage and strengthen me… for, “indeed the Lord will give what is good,” (Ps 85:12) because His love is that amazing!

è in a neighbor bringing me a fresh bag of piping hot popcorn, because our microwave is packed
è in an email... in a card...
è in garage sale breakfasts with mom, so I didn’t have to sit there alone
è in a neighbor mowing our lawn, though I told him I could do it…
è in a homemade chicken dish from a lady I’ve never met
è in a goodbye party with spin friends
è in an impromptu tea with Suzie
è in a wedding rehearsal dinner
è in chipotle bowls at the parents
è in the bank teller having my exact phone charger (out of how many cell phone models out there??? and no, I do not have an iphone, that'd be too easy) so that we could access the details from my email that would allow us to complete the wire transfer and close on our HI house on schedule
è in the fact that my mom arrives in Cali in three days (can’t wait)
è in His Word (I already said that, yes I know, but I really should type it five more times…)

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