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SO ready for Friday.... the past two weeks had been utterly exhausting with our many projects, Matt’s accident, taxes, and an even busier than usual life. Hard to stop mid-project, leaving our house a wreck, but a most definite needed reprieve.
The drive up was… well Kyle, J.T., Reid, Matt and I… plus luggage, food, chains, book bags, snow gear, etc. were all crammed into Matt’s spacious Cavalier… translation = breathing room only. But 7 hours later I must say…
Brain Head is incredibly beautiful! It’s tucked away 11,000 ft about sea level (hello altitude sickness) with breathtaking views. I just couldn’t get enough of the quiet, peaceful, friendly and relaxed atmosphere! Here are some of the day’s favorite memories:
DAY ONE: Everyone woke up excited to hit the slopes! We hit up Georg’s (yes Jon we know it’s spelt wrong) where Matt just had to rent the shiny red performance skis… We couldn’t have asked for better weather; it was incredibly warm and sunny. The boys built a jump and I snapped a few good pictures of them in action. Jill and I got stuck on a triple black diamond--who knew there’d be that many moguls; we decided we should start off slower next time… After picking up Joey and Jack from ski school we all retreated back to the cabin with sunburned faces. Jill made some of the best tasting enchiladas ever, and the game nights began. It was all about the Hearts and Mexican Dominos… I laughed so hard my sides hurt.
DAY TWO: Joey and Jack woke up at 6 ready to get back on the mountain…. Everyone else rolled out of bed but didn’t wake up till they had downed their huge plate of pancakes and waffles with extra peanut butter (well except for Kyle who had a tongue injury). We suited up and enjoyed a second full day of skiing. Matt even got me on the tree trails. Little Jack was a blast to watch because he would just take off down the mountain with no fear…. eek! We lost Joey for part of the day, and needed a Starbucks at the lodge to recuperate. Ready to sit by the fireplace we all trooped back to the cabin. After, yoga and spaghetti it was back to the game table. Jon’s one-liners were… priceless. And no one can figure out how Kyle won the Mexican domino game…. He didn’t even know what he was doing!?!
DAY THREE: Jon’s “transitory” winds came in and made for our coldest day yet. Tawny, Jill, and I spent the first half of the day on the “other” mountain and found a great trick park, where Tawny impressively nailed a rail slide on top of a car. You go girl! Despite the frigid winds, we also took a scary lift ride to the top, but didn’t enjoy the amazing views for long as our toes began to freeze. After de-thawing at lunch, we were back at it again, well except for old Matt and lil Jack. We all enjoyed our last runs up and down “Wildflower,” before calling it a day. After more stretching and yummy taco’s, we needed a reigning Domino champ. Twelve rounds later, I can’t remember who won, only that J.T. didn’t have to take a shower this time…. Lol
Our extended weekend flew by way too fast. But those ringing cell phones, unreturned emails, and a massive unfinished flooring project are calling us back… so long beautiful cabin, we will miss you!

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