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Mystery night = Staff dressed up in their alter ego’s, crazy games, kids diving headfirst through car windows for that extremely valuable extra one second, drivers racing teams around town as fast as their mini-vans can go, and students sacrificing their bodies for victory!

(All Royalties have been paid in full to Jon Stead….)


BIG Ben as the tooth-fairy; in disturbingly small, much too pink tights.
Joe as the gleeful, frolicking Cupid
Dan’s suspender action and alarming dance moves
Mark and Kari 20 years younger,--watching Nanno vomit up baby food
Chris in comb-over toupee and Aubrey making sure everyone eats their prunes
Shawn and Traci’s new FDA approved hospital where his car used to be
Matt shooting guns around the children
John in his wetsuit and floatation device, making 6th graders gut fish
Pats safe skateboarding techniques… including, but not limited to, “a cushy for his tushy”
A live appearance by the Beetles--who, still get paid and have stellar interview skills

The best part of the night was celebrating the fact that over 200 students heard the Gospel; we hope that they may see Christ as he truly is!

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Debbie Rothaus said...

Sounds wild and crazy. What lengths we must be willing to go to for the cause of Christ.