Matt's Corner


So I’ve lived in SoCal for almost two years now; made the trek to L.A. all of three times… L.A. traffic is just ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! The freeway congestion is so bad that you can almost change a tire on the freeway without losing your place in line….
But we love our dear friends Mike and Lauren; and since they were in town from CO with Mike’s band “The World Romantics” we decided to haul our butts up there. The band was playing at the famous Whiskeyagogo’s! Very cool! I laughed so hard when some crazy cougar went to give the band’s lead singer a guitar pick…. To which small-town Denver boy replies in all seriousness…. “no that’s not ours” J
We grabbed some dinner at The Standard… some swanky hotel, that had a model reading a book in a glass case behind the check in counter (Lauryn got us in of course). Time spent with M&L is always a blast-- its amazing how fast 2 years go by!
After waiting for Matt to help some drunk guy who hit his head falling down a hill, and getting a parking ticket we totally didn’t deserve…. We thought we’d speed home.
Nope at 3a.m. there’s still bumper to bumper traffic in L.A. Why people choose to live here I don’t know….
M&L we love you guys!

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