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I am so incredibly thankful that the Lord spared my husband’s life. I could not imagine my life without him in it. Matt I love you J

Here is the email Father Chris sent out re-capping Matt’s terrible auto accident.
Family and Friends of the Mueller's
Jean and I are rejoicing tonight in God's mercies – our oldest son Matthew was involved in a very serious auto accident on the 91 freeway just west of the 215. Matthew walked away from the car, and though he has experienced some soreness, with a bruised side and a bloody bump on the head, he is doing fine.
He had borrowed Jean's car, 'bubbles', because his car was in the shop and while finishing up his work for the day, he hit a patch of water on the freeway in the right lane due to the pouring rain and the car hydroplaned out of control – he was in the slow lane going slow – the car spun and smashed up against the cement barrier, spun some more and ended up blocking two lanes of the freeway and another lane from debris.
The CHP arrived, after checking to make sure Matt was not injured, the officer pushed the car off the freeway and stuck around until a tow truck could come and I arrived to pick Matt up. The car looked really bad [REALLY BAD] and I believe it will be totaled – the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be HIS name – but MATT is going to be fine and for this we are rejoicing tonight.
We wanted to tell you so that you could hear it from us – I took pictures of the car, but they are not developed yet. We are thankful for Christ’s mercy and grace in Salvation and His daily hand of guidance and protection. We are thankful to the Sovereign Lord for protecting our first born son.
Thanks for rejoicing with us…
Chris, for the family

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Debbie Rothaus said...

We love you Matt and are so very thankful for God's protection.