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Our casa has been project city for the last 6 months… we spent about a month sleeping in our living room while we were flooring (actually fun)… and now my entire garage resides in our hall….
Happy wife = happy life (j/k). Danielle’s current project (as of Sunday night) is the garage. Translation = I’m now signed up for cleaning, painting, installing cabinets, running new power sources from the attic, organizing, mounting the stereo system and epoxy floors to boot. My wife makes me laugh; we’ve been back from summer camp all of two days and she’s already stir crazy… We really do have a blast with each other.

Matt’s Rant (for dudes)
I must add that in my opinion the garage is the American man’s solace. I mean a garage is to a man as a cave is to Survivor-man. It’s a refuge, a shelter, a place for your friends to hang out and chill, a place for tools, workout equipment and all that is manly in your life. It is my room, and I love it. Too bad Survivor-man can’t get epoxy floors in his cave! HA!

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Dodson Family said...

we love you guys!!! that's hilarious. What Danielle can get accomplished in one day is staggering!! We'll pray for you as you try to keep up!!!