Matt's Corner


When mom comes to California there are NO BAD DAYS!!! Only smiles (J) from arrival to departure….

I could count the ways mom makes things better:

  • Traffic: there will be no ranting about LAX and/or LA’s version of bumper cars…. because LAX’s rush hour = more superb conversation with mom.
  • Disneyland: We enjoyed some of SoCal’s most excellent weather, while walking around (what is) the craziness of Downtown Disney. Where, apparently, Halloween is celebrated all thirty days of October…. very entertaining….
  • AM Walks = a precious, highly anticipated 8 year tradition.
  • Quick Errands: which turn into pampered, pretty nails.
  • Dinner: Matt and I have been trying to eat EVERYTHING in the pantry for the last month (or two). Lately it’s been toast, Ramen noodles, and other interesting combinations (like rice over refried beans). Mom’s dinner pick = White Lime!
  • Girl Time: My sweet sister traded her needy, anxiety ridden, bleeding, surgery-bound, wonderful disaster of a dog (pony) for a weekend with mom and a steaming cup of hot chocolate on the couch. Life is good.
  • Another way mom makes dinner better: Matt volunteered to cook for us! (Show-off)
  • Birthday celebrations: Thank you Chris and Jean for a fantastic birthday lunch at Claim Jumper: It was SO fun to be together. I’m going back for more pumpkin cheesecake (and plan on burning it off by using my new tile steamer)!
  • Home Depot: we literally pulled up 3 chairs and watched Matt do his thing… J Plus mom surprised Matt with the ultimate birthday gift….blackout shades…come see our new cave...
  • Riverside: …. 27 dresses…53 dresses… 89 dresses…. = Zero dress!!!
  • N in Out! A California favorite for mom… and definitely worth backtracking 10 miles for
  • Ugly polka dotted dresses: hhhmmm…
  • Nights: because there’s never a dull moment: 8:45p.m. shopping trips, extra hands to rip out the last of our new carpet, and secret (illegal) activities for which I have no comment.

We had a great extended weekend….Mom always brings her love and a lot of laughs! Megan her wonderful, fun spirit! Love you girls!


Lisa said...

ohh i always enjoy reading abou your moms visit. she has a great time with you 2! wish i had your gift of putting words on "paper"

Debbie Rothaus said...

it is always a treat for me to spend time with my girls.
love you, mom

JMolloy said...

She is divine, isn't she? Spending time with that woman is so good for the soul - no matter who you are. She seasons everything and every conversation with grace. I am so thankful for my sis.