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Staff retreat is always a BLAST…it’s incredibly refreshing to get away and laugh with close friends. The weekend was filled with great discussion and encouragement, pumpkin cheesecake, a delicious pre-game breakfast at the Old Fashioned Pancake House, an afternoon in the park, beautiful weather, the unforgettable Pope Room, ice cream for dessert, fireworks, and of course (regrettably…j/k) Disneyland. This year we were divided into two teams for a little “friendly” competition….

2009 Champions = Team Alpha

(congratulations to Greg, Mark, Jimmy, Nikki, Traci, and myself)

Shawn, Matt, Dan, Kari, Korina and Betsey were no match for us in Trivia (thanks in part to: FBC’S Training Center).

Team Beta received their only two wins in volleyball. Korina’s bewildering spike into Jimmy’s face increased their morale. However, team Alpha emerged undefeated in all three games of ultimate Frisbee… Much thanks to Greg, who sprinted across the finish line like he was 20.

Buzz Light Year was team Beta’s last opportunity to catch us.

Alpha plan = victory by any means necessary… (i.e. Operation SABATOGE)

My personal strategy was as follows:

  • Establish possession and absolute control of cart’s steering apparatus
  • Prevent Matt from locking onto targets with incessant and unpredictable directional shifts.
  • Cover opponents eye’s whenever possible
  • Continuous elbows, kicking, pushing and shouting for greater distraction
  • Attempt to disarm Matt completely and sit on his weapon.
  • And finally, a giant hug, solely to inhibit arm movement and breathing.

I make no apologies for my behavior. Team Alpha emerged victorious (even though Matt still managed to beat me in Buzz !?!) and are already training for total domination next year.

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Beth P said...

Oh fun! I didn't realize you had a blog. You guys are super handy at home projects! Your floor and bathroom counter look amazing!