Matt's Corner


From now on I’m sending Matt to all the sales by himself! Last week he happened upon Arizona Tile’s tent sale and I came home to an enormous crate of stone (J). Never mind the fact that we had to unload it (and 20 bags of mortar) piece by piece in 105 degree weather; or the other three loads still awaiting pickup.

“Mad Matt” has been in project mode ever since… his “madness” was made official last week when he entered the grocery store in his disheveled “home project” condition. As we were checking out, the cashier tried not to stare, but couldn’t keep from asking: “long day?” “Do I even want to know?” The rips in Matt’s clothes are just the beginning…. they are also covered in stains from various materials like paint, drywall, epoxy, and/or mortar (ok, so @ Hollister you pay more for the “worn look,” but this is worn look gone very wrong). His messy dark hair looks almost completely grey via the backlash of dust from whatever his current tool usage. The world’s ugliest shoes = icing on the cake. Apparently they are “necessary” because they “slip on and off easy” (um, are we 50?).

Needless to say, Matt has now finished laying the hardwood in the game room and master closet. He installed granite, new backsplashes, faucets and top-mount sinks in both of our guest bathrooms. And the tile he just laid in the office and laundry room made for a fantastic birthday surprise (Isn’t he’s da best!).

FYI: Matt, I’ll always love you…. I’m just gonna wait in the car next time.


Robert said...

looks amazing!! i wish i was in the grocery store - that is hilarious!! kids are home from youth...miss you!

Robert said...

that was tracy - NOT robert - ha ha ha ha i am on his loptop