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Mission Beach Vacation Pt.2

Off to La Jolla, new snorkeling equipment in hand…. Dan has his new water knife strapped to his leg… (You know, just in case we came across that shark he saw in his dream). We snorkeled around the cove, through the caves and into more caves. The water was a bit murky, but you could definitely see a bunch of brightly colored fishes!

Interesting fact about Matt… he’s has a weakness for channel #110, A.K.A. “the food network.” He’s currently on a mission to create the world’s most perfect burger… I must hand it to him, he not only makes cooking look sexy, but he’s also great entertainment! It cracks me up to watch him in the kitchen:

  • Prior to tasting any of his creations, he must first smell them by inhaling deeply and simultaneously wafting it towards his nostrils.
  • While chomping down mouthfuls of food (to get the full flavor, I’m sure) he explains the: who, what, when, where, why and how of what he did.
  • He graciously repeats the phrase “So what did you think?” till everyone has given their opinion (I like that he always asks me twice!).
  • After he’s had a momentary pause to think, he’ll proceed to tell us what he will do different next time (the rest of us simply carry on our previous conversation).

There is something extremely sexy about a man who is talented and enjoys his work. And no he is not intimidating to cook for (because that would mean I would have to be cooking)

If you’re ever in Coronado, we highly recommend:
1. Costa Azul’s lobster burrito!
2. Maggie Moo’s toasted coconut ice cream!!! Hello PERECTION!

Paige was definitely stunned (and prolly, somewhat intimidated) at my uncanny ability to sing Disney songs. There are no words to describe the treat she was in for…. especially when Jean added the harmony to my “off color” notes. We laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe, much less finish the lyrics to Hakuna Matata…


Q: What’s better than returning from a long day at the beach with the smell of summer on your skin and sharing a great meal with the people you love most?
A: Never leaving the beach: sharing dinner while watching the sun dip below the horizon, a bonfire for cooking s’mores, and the greatest guy ever to keep you warm!

Beach bonfires are a definite favorite! Few things can match the way the setting sun cast brilliant colors into the sky as it dips behind a glittering ocean; or the way it feels to dig your feet into the warm sand as the breeze turns chilly.
In my professional opinion, delicious s’mores in the company of great friends = a perfect was to end a day at the beach.
By the way, Matt’s ooey gooey marshmallows create the best s’mores ever…

I LUV LUV LUV family vacations!!!


Miller Family said...

I absolutely love reading your vacay stories. You have a great writing gift. I miss seeing your smiling face! Hope all is well. Maybe we can catch up sometime soon.

Lisa said...

sounds like one fun adventure after the other! you should definetly think about writing something, a book, a column, you do have a way with words. Keep enjoying life the way you do!