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Words to describe our vacation = sleeping in, morning java, most amazing weather ever, AM bike rides, beach lunches, naps on the sand, walks in the surf, ocean waves, BIG family dinners, nightly beach cruiser rides…
This vacation goes in the books as A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! We shared some fantastic times of rest and relaxation and our toes didn’t go a day without touching the sand!
Here are a few of the day’s favorite memories:


Sleeping in with Matt is seriously the greatest! Wondering when your toes will touch the floor because you have no real agenda that day = Priceless!

Psyched to try out Matt’s new ride, we spent almost every morning pedaling away the miles (my hubby is the greatest!... he knows how much I enjoy cycling, so, 2 days prior to vacation, he picks up his new road bike…it’s now something we can do TOGETHER!). I must also add that he looks incredibly sexy in his cycling gear… all those flexing muscles….

Our PM beach cruiser ride with Chris and Jean was incredibly refreshing. It was a blast to ride by and watch families enjoying vacation together: parents rounding up their kids from the beach or enjoying a sizzling meal off the grill; laughter, smiles, engaging conversations, games…. The night air was cool and felt amazing on our freshly tanned skin.


(It’s a good thing Matt and I brought our bikes because…)
Great meals together were a definite highlight! Adventures in diners, dives, and dining were always FULL of great food and terrific company. The burgers at the Navy Seal bar were excellent… but my personal favorite had to be Sammy’s Wood-fired pizza. Jean introduced us; two thumbs way up! And the desserts =.YUMMY goodness!

Vacation present to ourselves = luxury roller-blades. Mine are pink and very cool.


Momma Jean and I made a pact (and pacts cannot be broken for any reason): we are going to catch us some HAPPY BIRTHDAY waves!!! WOO HOO! You should have seen her on that boogie board; be sure to look for her next summer in Hawaii on the pro team... Matt wouldn’t put me down and forced me to go under and over the waves with him (ok, I luved it). My nose has been leaking ever since!

Apparently, we’ve been playing Phase wrong for the past two years… Who knew? Note to Dan: “jirating” only increases your chances of getting skipped, and it scares me.

DAY 3.5
1 AM:
I hate being pried from my snuggly bed for anything in the middle of the night, but my bladder is clearly telling me that it’s about to burst! Now correct me if I’m wrong, but a doors only job is to open and close nicely; our quirky door must have missed that memo. Of course, at one in the morning, when I’m trying to be quiet, it’s stuck…p-e-r-f-e-c-t! PULL, PULL, PULL… nothing. Deep breath in. Hurling myself backwards, the door finally relents and swings open, not exactly as quietly as I was going for… (I think the entire door frame and adjacent wall started vibrating). I notice the light is on in Dan’s room, but shrug and collapse back into bed.

As I’m waiting for the coffee to brew, the boys are discussing last nights “intruder”?!? Hhhmmm… “What intruder?” Apparently, Dan woke Chris up at 1:30 a.m. because he was convinced “there was someone in the house.” BBBBBAAAAAHHHHH HHHAAA…. Sorry bout that.
to be continued....(sorry its so long, its about my scrapbook)

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Dodson Family said...

you are hilarious!! makes me feel like I was there.

I LOVE Sammy's pizza - they have one of the best pasta dishes I have ever tasted. I have tried to create it many times...sooooo yummy!!

Can't wait till you come over :) xoxoxoxo